Digitization by the Kenyan Government

By utilizing the e-Citizen Portal, citizens will now be empowered to easily access vital healthcare services and information. This digitization is expected to bring about a revolutionary change in healthcare delivery, guaranteeing timely and convenient access for everyone.

The e-Citizen Portal provides a comprehensive range of programs and services in the health sector, including the National Health Record, Electronic Claims Management System, Point of Care system for monitoring drug dispensing in both inpatient and outpatient settings, Digital Kiosks, Vigilance System, JALI Interactive System, and many others. These services are designed to give Kenyans greater control over their healthcare journey, allowing them to take ownership of and manage their health records, as well as engage in interactive sessions with instant feedback.

Harry Kimtai, the Principal Secretary of the State Department for Medical Services, highlighted the positive impact of this digital transformation on the healthcare sector. He mentioned that by granting 100,000 Community Health Promoters access to Ministry of Health data through the e-Citizen Portal, their performance can be monitored and healthcare delivery can be improved. This initiative eliminates intermediaries, giving Kenyans full control over their health records and facilitating seamless collaboration between healthcare providers and citizens.

The digitization of government services through the e-Citizen Portal signifies a significant shift towards efficient service delivery, transparency, and the empowerment of citizens in Kenya.

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