Our IT solutions

We have a wide range of IT Solutions for healthcare facilities of all sizes. Our solutions include Ellider HMIS, Harmony platform, Pixray PACS and Primato Human resource system.




We cater our Ellider HMIS solution to Hospitals, Medical Centers, Specialty Clinics, Daycare-Surgery Centers etc. with a centralized web-based Hospital Information solution having more than 30 operational modules and add-ons like PACS, Mobile Apps, Patient Portal, Business Intelligence, Finance Modules which are backed by good technologies, development resources, and our reliable professional services. Also, our solution adheres to International Healthcare regulatory standards which assist for notable accreditations (JCIA, ACHSI) for Healthcare Setups. 

Highlights of our Pixray PACS are; Multi-platform Multi-OS Multi-tenant Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), Multi-OS Multi-device image viewing, Easy-to-use user interface, fast and robust Image transmission and access and teleradiology.

We also do integration of hospital equipment for seamless transmission of data.


Investing in healthcare

We seek to invest in or acquire healthcare facilities that are profit making and have a considerable market advantage in their area.

If you are a hospital owner interested in selling stake in your business or the entire business, you can always contact us. We aren’t interested in tearing the front sign or fire your employees. We simply want to take your business a few levels hirer. You don’t stand to lose anything and have a lot to gain by simply emailing or calling us.

We are also open to working with institutions and accredited investors that invest in healthcare in funding of our deals. Taking part in the upside without dealing with the hassle or looking for the right deal.